Fire Pit Safety Tips You Should Know

by Laura Spriggs Gray 08/20/2019

Fire pits are not only attractive but are also a fantastic addition to any rural backyard or homestead. They are inexpensive to use; they help to elongate the use of your yard through the fall and winter. However, you must be very cautious when you use a fire pit. You could set the house on fire if you misuse it. Worst still, the misuse of a fire pit can spark a grass fire. Considering the havoc a fire pit can cause when abused, it is essential that we examine some safety tips that will guide you when using it. 

Fire Pit Positioning 

The positioning of your fire pit is the number one safety measure you must consider whether you intend to install a permanent fire pit or you are using a portable one. Some of the fire pits positioning tips are as follows:

- Ensure that your fire pit is placed at least 10 feet away from any structure

- You should not position the fire pit under a low hanging tree branch or a covered porch

- A non-flammable surface is always the ideal place for your fire pit

- Never stand a fire pit on a wooden deck

Preparing your fire pit 

Here are the tips to follow when making your fire pit:

- Remove all materials that are flammable around and from the fire pit before using it. 

-  All these materials should be placed at a minimum distance of five feet away from your fire pit. By so doing, you are preventing the spread of escape fire. 

- You can also prevent the spread of fire by piling rock around the pit 

- The minimum depth of the hole should be around 6 inches at the center and two feet across.

Lighting your Fire Pit 

The tips to follow when burning your fire pits are as follows

- :It is essential that, before you put on the fire, you should check the direction of the wind. This action will enable you to discover and remove any flammable material along the path of the wind.

- In an extreme windy situation, it is advisable not to light your fire pit

- Do not use fluids that are flammable to light or relight the fire.

How to use your fire pit 

- You should never neglect your fire pit

- Never allow children or pet to stay alone near the fire pit

- Do not introduce a paper product or garbage into the fire pit

- Wear a cloth that is not flammable whenever you have anything to do near the fire pit

- Keep water container or a hose close to your fire pit in the event of an emergency

Always consider safety first when planning to install a fire pit. Consider the tips given above to learn more about how you can safely use your fire pit.

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